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Luxury Vinyl Tile – LVT

Today is going to be an introduction to the world of LVT. Often times a consumer desires the look of wood but not the maintenance or perhaps the permanence. Here at Act 1 we carry a variety of LVT that will give you options. With a 25 year residential and 15 year commercial warranty, it is a great choice for flooring in your home or business. Be sure to check out our facebook promotion of Carmel Distressed Pine & Brazilian Cherry LVT.


  • LVT is an acronym for “luxury vinyl tile.” It is a marketing term used by numerous companies to describe their vinyl flooring that is decoratively patterned to emulate the look of natural wood, granite or other types of flooring. There is no exact definition of the term, only generalities. It is not actually a separate category of tiling, simply a way of describing standard vinyl tiling that has been designed to match natural flooring.


  • The most obvious advantage of luxury vinyl tiling is the price. It is much cheaper to produce than actual flooring made of granite or wood or stone. According to manufacturers, luxury vinyl tiling is often scratch-resistant and more durable than its natural counterpart. It may also be easier to install and more versatile than natural flooring.


  • Luxury vinyl tile comes in either sheets or planks. There is often adhesive on the back for ease of installation. The term LVT tile may be applied to either vinyl composition tile (VCT) or solid vinyl tile (SVT). VCT tile is made up of both vinyl and other materials, while SVT tile is made up of at least 34 percent vinyl. Whether they are considered “luxury vinyl tile” or not may depend on their patterns.

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