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Have You Thought About Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles allow you to mix and match designs and colors according to your tastes and your individual room requirements. The added flexibility of removing a single tile for cleaning, replacement or redesign makes using tiles rather than traditional carpeting a favorite design choice.


Carpet tiles are easy to install and can be used as wall-to-wall room coverage, any size area rugs or runners for hallways or walkways. The tiles are placed directly onto the wooden subfloor or over existing tile or linoleum floors. Adhesive disks stick to the back of the carpet tile and onto your floor. Tiles can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced by using new adhesive disks.


There are a variety of styles and colors of carpet tiles to choose from, with choices being updated as more and more people discover the versatility of this product. Part of what makes these tiles so attractive is the option to create a variety of designs by mixing bold solid colors with patterns for a style unique to any room.


Sizes of carpet tiles vary by manufacturer. No matter what size the tiles are–18 by 18, 20 by 20 or 24 by 24–they are always square. Cutting is not required as they are already bound on all sides for ease of use. Some companies are offer eco-friendly carpet tiles made from recycled materials and natural fibers.


Carpet tiles are sold in home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, national discount stores like Target and Wal-Mart, as well as specialty carpet stores. You can find commercial-grade tiles online from around 19 cents per square foot to the more luxurious and plush grades beginning at around $8 per tile. Whether you’re making a rug or carpeting a room, choosing carpet tiles can be a cost-effective solution.


Carpet tiles allow for more versatility in both design and function than traditional carpeting rolls. If you move, you can pick up your carpet tiles and take them with you. If your child creates a stain, remove the tile, clean it and put it back in place. When you tire of your rug design, move the tiles around for a completely different look. Both businesses and homes can take advantage of carpet tiles to replace only the worn areas of their rug without replacing the entire room’s carpeting.

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