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Caress by Shaw Floors

Act 1 Flooring is now a licensed retailer of the newest, most stylish line of carpet on the market: Caress by Shaw Floors. This carpet is extremely innovative in it’s design and construction. The Anso Caress fiber that is used for this product is by far the softest yarn available. The Caress line offers many different styles and looks while maintaining the exceptional quality and softness that you desire.

This unique collection will forever alter your perception of softness under foot. Traveling the world for inspiration, Shaw designers have noted the trend of going “soft,” using natural resources as materials. This inspired a different way of thinking about flooring, resulting in the creation of the ultra-soft Caress products.

Come see these amazing products in our showroom at 4111 N. Davis Highway, Pensacola, FL 32503 and choose the exact color and style that is perfect for your home today!

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