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    Tile choices for every room in your home

    When people consider choosing a tile floor, they are often only thinking about flooring for their bathroom or kitchen. Those are usually the most common places you will find those types of floors. However, it can be a great choice for any room in your home and for many different reasons.
    Foyers, dining rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms can all be great places to experience the benefit of tile. You needn’t restrict access to any room based upon what most people do with this flooring option.

    Tile can be natural or decorative

    Tile is extremely versatile. In addition to having great water resistance, especially for porcelain, it can also be incredibly durable. Porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic, because it is fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic is.
    Porcelain is usually left looking very natural after manufacture, glazing and firing. For this reason, it has many variations among different pieces, but still gives the wonderful look of natural materials.
    Ceramic, because lower grade clays are used, is often overlaid with glass glaze and can be highly decorated. These colorful tiles allow you to create very unique rooms and decorative patterns to match existing décor.
    Either tile gives you an excellent flooring for any room in your home. You can even accent with area rugs, runners, or perhaps some wall tiles that give that personal touch. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this highly versatile flooring material

    Are porcelain and ceramic tile different?

    Some people use the two terms interchangeably, but there are some differences between the two tiles. Porcelain is made with the highest grade clay throughout the entire tile and fired at extremely high temperatures. This makes them denser and more resistant to water than ceramic.
    Ceramic uses lower grade clay during manufacturer, and the tiles are fired at lower temperatures than Porcelain tile. Because of the type of clay used, ceramic is most often coated with colorful glazes that cover up the original tile color. For this reason, ceramic shows scratches and cracks more so than porcelain.

    We’ll help you choose the perfect tile floor

    At Act 1 Flooring, we know that your floors are very important to you. We want to help you find the floor that best suits your needs and works best in your home. We service the areas of Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pace and Perdido Key with our showroom being located in Pensacola, FL. Stop by the showroom today to see our full line of tile flooring.